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Watersorb is your source for the highest quality super absorbing water crystals. Perfect for home gardeners, craft enthusiasts, and farmers.

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Polymers, Inc.

Polymers, Inc. offers a wide range of super absorbent polymers for industrial and commercial uses, hazardous waste clean-up, and hydroseeding.

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Watersorb-- the best for less

Watersorb is dedicated to water conservation and helping the environment. Watersorb water crystals can be used in agriculture, horticulture, crafts and cool ties. Super absorbent polymer (SAP) will significantly reduce water depletion while dramatically improving plant survival and growth. Watersorb polymer will also reduce water runoff and soil erosion, thus improving the quality of our lakes, streams and rivers. With severe droughts occurring on a more frequent basis due to global warming, water absorbing polymers can help plants survive by reducing irrigation requirements up to 50%. Watersorb is able to continue to keep costs down due to repeat business from loyal, satisfied customers. If a lower price is found, Watersorb will meet or beat the price. Watersorb super absorbent polymer is also used in many craft projects such as Cool Tie evaporative body coolers and Smelly Jelly air fresheners. Watersorb PAM polymer is also extensively used in hydroseeding.

Used by US Forestry Service and Recommended by Southern Living Magazine and HGTV

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Watersorb is a Native American owned company dedicated to protecting the environment through technology.

NO PAPER company policy. We have no written literature.

Over 175,000,000 tons of paper and other wood products are dumped into landfills annually world over.

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